Thursday, July 22, 2010


With a third arm to show that his wings are webbed between both arms and his side.

No arm here, wings are separate appendages.

I've been watching copious amounts of the 1990's cartoon: Gargoyles.
I actually drew the night elf from the previous entry while watching it.
I planned on another elf related drawing but I quickly found myself bored of it.

So I drew a gargoyle. Rather quickly.

I'll probably color it.

*glides out*

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who's that Ladyyy(man)

Finished... ish.

Ohh Black.

(working on the armor at the moment)

So talking about nightelves with Kristen made me really want to draw one. So I took a break from the soldier and proceeded to draw one.

In my mind I imagined a relatively androgynous woman.
I was honestly going for someone really girly. But Kristen said it looked like a man and told me that I should just draw men if I liked androgynous women. :'<

Anyways, in game you often work for Gold. This is just a one of the many characters, marveling it's reward.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Second Installment

Sloppy drawing number 2!


I've always wanted to influence someone.
With the recent, badly drawn (purposely mind you) comics I've been developing. I find that people rather enjoy these snippets depicting certain situations in my life.
People tell me that they make them laugh, and that honestly makes me feel so happy.

One of my friends, Kenny Heidenreich took one of my comics and turned it into a quick animation. Check out his website, from there you can access his blog, twitter, facebook as well as his youtube account (where he puts up the majority of his work). He's very talented with animation and 3d. Go!

I'd like to mention that I was brought onto this notion to do stick figure comics -not because the internet is littered with them- but specifically because I had recently came across a blog where this amazing person would blog about her life with little drawings. Please check out her blog, its really rib cracking hilarious:

The More You Know

Dedicated to Allie Brosh:

Monday, July 19, 2010


Update: My soldier just said the canteen made no sense. I'm not sure why I have him holding one in the first place.

I should probably get to redoing this soon.
Updated version
Working on a background now. Gotta add in a gun.
This is my first time doing armor work. And drawing this without a reference, I realize there's a lot of inefficient pieces of armor, I had to shorten his shin armor because I noticed it would dig into his ankle if he sat/walked.

More to come.

(This is a hastily thrown together blog: due to be edited when I wake up.)
Quick color concept of a soldier (update expected).

Dedicated to my Solider in training.
As well as an homage to all Soldiers.

I haven't gotten around to developing a story, but I have brief summary for my comic. This is just one of the main character in it.
His alias is "Status".

Further details will be added later.

Preliminary sketch building up to it:

Still in progress.

Later for now!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I'm not sure what to say.
I've found myself enamored with the Nickelodeon "Avatar: the last airbender" series.
It's such a cute cartoon!

So, like many fans, I drew some fan art of myself as an earthbender. (I got so lazy with the actual earth part though. HOORAY.)

Why did I choose earthbending? I'm not sure, I like how 'sturdy' and 'solid' it is. Besides. Bending metal (Ore?) Is pretty cool too.

So I pretty much ripped off Toph's outfit.

Different with only a few minor (very minor) details. But I figure it would be what most earthbenders wore? I don't know.
The pose is based off an actual Kung Fu Pose.

The legs were originally mirrored (like the above image, a horse stance), but I decided to extend the other leg. In the actual series, they mention "shift your weight into the bending'' or whatever.
So I took it upon myself to 'Earth bend'.
I went from a standing position and stomped down as if I could somehow raise up a wedged piece of earth.
I found it more plausible and more 'forceful' to stand in a position with a leg out. Especially if one were to shift their weight 'forward'.

I realize that her hand is at an abnormal angle.
I felt that something as forceful as 'earth bending' would require a lot of 'forceful
movements'. If her hand were to be stuck flat with the palm upwards, and given that her hand controlled the 'earth'- than doing a forceful flip upwards with a flat palm; the hand would be at that harsh 90 degree angle. (Although the feet and arms are still amateurishly drawn.)

I got lazy with the actual 'rock' though. I'll fix it later.

I sure hope that this is what concept artists do. Think by using the logic of the 'fantasy world' they're designing for.

However. If I'm up to it, I'll draw my friends as 'benders' as well, using what Kristen drew as a reference. (She drew us: Me, Emily and Kenny -as well as herself- as benders. And assigned each one an element.)

Tired now. Just had an eventful night watching a DCI show.
The Bluecoats were amazing, as usual. There were a few people who were familiar enough with DCI and "blooooooo'd" them when they marched out (including moi) and the concept caught on throughout the crowd and in the end everyone started 'bloooo-ing' them.

The Phantom Regiment was great. The Blue Star and Boston Crusaders were really theatrical, the guard was. a-maaazing.

A relatively exciting day.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Whales of Woe

Look at what me and Dou found at the Micheal's craft store today! 10 points to whoever can figure out how many of these adorable whales we found within the mounds of miscellaneous, one dollar +, mildly entertaining junk. (Yes, we had to dig through them. And yes. It was worth it.)

The story is somewhat complex really (it's not). We were rooting through the goods that the 1 dollar sales aisle could offer, when Dou came across this adorable whale.
Whale reference of cuteness below:

(They have magnetic FINS. So they're holding hands. They're names are: David and Spencer)

She was overjoyed. The inaccurate proportions of their eyes (overly large and dark and oddly positioned) made these wonky whales, incredibly adorable. Especially when they made this face of frustration:


We figured that there had to be more of these things- or animals equally as cute.

No luck.

So we went and asked a worker to see if she could locate them, but she just lead us back to the same aisle, oblivious. Then, as I rifled through some more junk, I came across ANOTHER whale. You could imagine MY excitement. (At this point we discovered their magnetic fins.)

There had to be more. Dou rummaged around and found two extra. Kept one and gave one to me. Later as we browsed around the store we found out where they originated. In an aisle among the fluffy bears and miniature rabbits. How did we know? She found another whale, along with other animals with magnetic paws. (It was the last one though, mind you.)

Quite possibly the highlight of our night, these whales.

I realized I gave you the answer to my previous question. So I withdrawal those ten points.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Lazy doodles........Extremely lazy doodle.

I miss playing WoW... the few times that I've played. Which isn't much. Oh well.

The drawing above was a random doodle of an elf.
The one on the right was done with the intention of being a night elf, but I was unsure of what markings they had on their faces, since I don't play that often.

I realize her torso and her armor are terrible... I was busy watching television with my friends ... excuses.