Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blue Eyes WIP

Eyesight going bad? No fear! Just make sure you're backed up with a handy supply of extra bio camera eyes!

Rough sketch/brainstorming for my thesis.

Some sort of 'futuristic' time setting, I guess.
Concept: Humans becoming so dependent on technology that it evolves from an 'advancement' to a 'mutation'.


Started to color. Wooooo...

I dunno, like if it's a regular thing, I'd have her not look so upset

You got it! Thanks for the advice!

Oh. Yeah, so I was trying to make her look more 'futuristic'. Fail? Does the long swoopy hair depict 'vanity' more? Or is this just as successful?
It's kind of Tron-esque?

Meh. Progression.

Two versions. Which is best? I like both. But in terms of best depiction, I think the blond is much more 'closer' to earth

Long hair Short